4 Reasons why you need to maintain your system

Furnace and coil

1. Be more efficient and prolong the life of your system

By having routine HVAC maintenance done to your AC in the spring and furnace in the fall will ease the wear and tear of your system, prolonging the lifespan saving you money by not having to replace it sooner. Your heating and cooling system will take less energy to run and this could lower your utility bill in Columbus .

Father holding daughter adjusting a wall thermostat

2. Improve your indoor air quality

Changing your air filters on your heating and cooling system regularly will remove dirt, dust, mold and air-born pollutants improving not only your air quality but also save your system's parts and components. If you have not checked your filter in a while best do it now. You may need HVAC maintenance scheduled if you have not had it done yet.

HVAC equipment

3. Your HVAC warranty

Not having your annual maintenance on your HVAC system not only speeds up the wear and tear of parts and components leading to premature failure, which will not be covered by the equipment warranty but it can also leave you and your family uncomfortable in your home when you need it most.

Hundred dollar bills

4. Big savings

Save 50% on our regular $299 HVAC maintenance. This special savings is valid in May for your AC unit and in October for your furnace. Call us today to schedule and rest assured your heating and cooling system is working safe and efficient for your family and home in Columbus.


Adjusting a mini-split head
Condenser sitting at the back of a brick house