Donate 10% of your repair to Mid-Ohio Foodbank

Two simple facts and everyone wins!

Fact 1

Hunger is a huge issue in our community. Thousands of people around us are suffering because of it.

Fact 2

Advertising to find new customers is expensive and drives up the cost of services.

We took these two facts and came up with "Donate 10% of repairs to Mid-Ohio Foodbank". 

Here's how it works:

When a service call is scheduled, and a repair needs to is made on your a/c or furnace, you may write a check directly to MID-OHIO FOODBANK for 10% of the cost of that repair.

That's right! 10% goes to MID-OHIO FOODBANK, that's how we all win! The homeowner gets a reduced rate service call and a tax deduction, MID-OHIO FOODBANK receives 10% with minimal effort, and KNOW Heating has a new loyal customer.

*Only checks made out directly to Mid-Ohio Foodbank will be considered a donation.

Call us at 614-678-6344 for more information on how you can make a difference in our community.

Thanks for your support.

Learn More

In 2009, Mid-Ohio Foodbank's network of food pantries responded to a record number of requests for food assistance. Through a network of more than 500 partner agencies in central and eastern Ohio, they provided 33.9 million pounds of food for hungry people in our area, equating to more than 51,000 meals each day. More than 35 percent of food requests Mid-Ohio Foodbank receives from food pantries are for children, and another 15 percent are for senior citizens.  Thankfully, we can help.  

Please visit to learn more about hunger and how we can work together to fight against it.