Furnace maintenance

Furnace Maintenance

Furnace efficiency and safety

To ensure that your furnace is working efficiently and safe it is essential to perform routine maintenance. Dirt and neglect are the top causes of heating system inefficiency and failure.

Yearly tune-up

We provide pre-season tune-ups before each heating season. To test and perform the maintenance on your system, it must be residential and in good working order for our certified technician to preform the maintenance.


Save 50% in the month of October

October is the month to save 50% on our regular priced $299 furnace maintenance. You can call any time to schedule this special offer.

What the maintenance includes

· Adjust gas pressure as needed

· Measure for correct air flow

· Adjust pilot as needed

· Lubricate all moving parts

· Perform a combustion calibration

· Test proper starting capabilities

· Adjust furnace burner assembly

· Clean ignition & burner assembly

· Measure temperature differences

· Monitor flue draft

· Monitor heating cycle

· Test furnace safety controls

· Measure volts and amps

· Check heat exchanger

Customer Testimonial

I called KNOW Heating last fall to check my furnace and perform a thorough maintenance and saved 50% off their regular in-season price. When it got cold my furnace came on and ran all winter without any problems, the technician even gave me tips and showed me how to change the filter. Thank you KNOW.

Judith K., Upper Arlington, Ohio

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