Permit requirements in Columbus

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All work must be performed by the property owner or a licensed and registered contractor. Report construction work being performed without proper permits or by unlicensed contractors to Columbus Building Investigation Team HOTLINE: 614-645-1733 E-mail: (All information is investigated - all complaints remain confidential). For more information: Customer service information line 614-645-6090 DEPARTMENT OF DEVELOPMENT Building Service Division.

Have you had any of the following items installed without receiving your inspection?

Building Inspections: New or replacement roof, siding, windows, deck, doors, pool, and interior alterations, contact Building Inspection Supervisor: 614-645-6371

Electric Inspections: New or replacement circuit breakers panels, additions to add outlets, lighting, pool or hot-tub services, contact Electrical Inspection Supervisor 614-645-6076

HVAC Inspections: New, alteration of or replacement of a furnace, air-conditioner, boiler, ductwork, gas vent, pre-fab fireplace, solid fuel-burning stove, or gas piping, contact HVAC Inspection Supervisor 614-645-3270

Plumbing Inspections: Water heater replacements, installations/replacements of plumbing waste drains, vents, water lines, contact Plumbing Inspection Supervisor 614-645-6340

For more information, access the City of Columbus Building Services Division website at or call 614-645-6090

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