HVAC frequent asked questions in Columbus

Q? What does your service fee cover?

A. The $79.50 service fee is for a professional technician to come to your home and diagnose the problem you are having with the air conditioner of your furnace. The service fee does not include repairs.

Q? Why should I hire KNOW Heating to install my system?

 A.  We recommend that our customers get several bids. We have all heard that we should get three proposals and some of us believe that is to get the lowest price. But all too often the lowest price is not the best deal. Instead, get bids to find the best company for you and your family. Companies that have your best interest in mind not there bottom line.

Q? What is your warranty on repairs?

A. Our repairs are warranted for one (1) full year on parts and labor 

Q? What can you tell me about your trade?

A. Not ALL that offer to perform maintenance, repair, or installation are licensed, insured, or qualified to do so. The State of Ohio does not require a license to do residential HVAC. Always look for a professional heating and cooling company to install, repair, or maintain your system.

Q? Do you offer to finance?

A. We have financing available for those big projects like a completely new HVAC system install or just the individual furnace and air conditioning replacement. Funding is provided with approved credit by Wells Fargo Financial National Bank, an Equal Housing Lender. 

Q? Why does your work stand out from other HVAC companies?

A. Licensed by the state of Ohio, KNOW Heating holds the LIC# 46100 to do residential and commercial heating, cooling, and ventilation with more than three times the required insurance for your protection. We pull permits for every installation our work is inspected by the city to ensure that it meets or exceeds local, state, and federal law. 100% satisfaction guaranteed if for any reason you are not satisfied with our work. 

Q? What is your equipment warranty?

A. Some companies offer a warranty on the equipment they install, but they don't tell you if that warranty is filed in-house or with the equipment manufacturer. If the warranty is registered in-house and you no longer like the company that installed your system, or they go out of business, you are stuck. They hold your warranty. We file the warranty with the manufacturer so that any authorized dealer can and will honor your warranty, ensuring that we continue to earn your business by keeping your options open. 

HVAC FAQ in Columbus

A. A furnace filter that becomes dirty in less than an average heating or cooling season may indicate poor air quality. It should be checked or replaced depending on the type of filter at least once a month and changed every three months. 

Q? How often does my system need maintenance?

A. We recommend furnace maintenance once a year in the fall before the winter season, and in the spring before the hot weather hits for the air conditioning. The condenser may need more frequent cleaning in the summer depending on where it sits, mowing and cottonwood get sucked into the outside unit and will need to be hosed off with water. Our technicians will be happy to show you how to safely water wash your condenser.

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Q? Is a bigger system better?

A. No, it is not, a jet engine in your car is more prominent, but does not get better gas mileage. We believe that proper sizing of air conditioning, heating, and air delivery system is the only way to receive the full benefits of efficiency and comfort.