Replacing a filter to the furnace

Need a furnace filter?

Change your filter regularly

An excellent way to test if you need to change your filter:

Go to your furnace and look for the filter slot, remove the filter (consult your equipment manual for location), take it out the filter, and if you would hold it up to your face and take a deep breath, it won't need changing. You'll need to replace it if you wouldn't even touch the thing!

Furnace filters become dirty during the heating or cooling season as air pulls through the furnace to circulate through the house. A dirty furnace filter can cause parts to wear out on the system and increase energy consumption. Depending on the furnace location, replacement filters should be chosen that meet the needs for the amount of dirt in the air.

A furnace filter traps airborne particles, such as pet dander, dust mites, pollen, mold spores, and bacteria from the air entering the system to prevent the dirt from entering the blower that could increase maintenance. It is easier to replace a furnace filter than to replace worn parts in the blower assembly.

A furnace filter that becomes dirty in less than an average heating or cooling season may indicate poor air quality. It should be checked or replaced depending on the type of filter at least once a month and changed every three months.

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